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Chemistry - The Central Science

What in the world isn't Chemistry?

Chemistry is everywhere in the world around us - in what we eat, in what we breathe, in how we live, in what we are. Chemists study not only what things are, but also what they do and how they do it, from sub-atomic particles to large arrays of molecules. Chemistry is also very creative: new substances are made every day in a constant search for new materials, new drugs, new ways of doing things better and new understandings of how Nature works. Chemistry is central to all sciences and is used to study biological, physical, medical and environmental phenomena as well. A university degree in Chemistry can lead to many careers: as a research chemist, as a chemical technician, in industrial quality control, in environmental assessment, in teaching, in patent law, in business, in dentistry and in medicine, to name only a few.

Why study Chemistry at York?

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